22 May

Do you know you can make money from whatsapp.? Yes it is really possible. Some people dismiss the usefulness of whatsaap as a money making tool perhaps due to its simplicity and affordability. I’m quite sure that such mindset will change after you must have read this.

To make money from whatsapp you must use one or all these five ways.

1. You can use Whatsapp for customer relation and support.

Whatsapp can be a powerful tool or instrument with which you relate and reach out to your customers across the world. With whatsapp you can send images, video clips, document and several others in including audio materials to your customers where ever they may be.

You can use it to support your customers through timely provision of necessary information. It can also help you to follow up business leads and share update information about yourself, products or services with your clients.

2. Business Transaction

With whatsapp you can receive orders ,,complaints about feedback from your customers .You can even hold E tutorials with your students and can even us it to give your client tips on the use of your product or service.

It also helps you to stay in touch with your team members.

3. Promotion and Advertising.

Whatsapp comes handy as a tool for promotion and advertising especially for start ups and small scale industry operators who may not have the resources to use the conventional promotional and advertising channels.

With WhatsApp, visuals,,audio and information can be sent across to potential customers to intimate them about product quality, usage, availability and cost.

4.Team Communication

WhatSapp helps you to reach out and update you team members about latest development while they are afield. Such communication increases efficiency and productivity which are required for the growth of any organization or business

5. Market Survey.

It is a very reliable tool for real time information about product quality,, perception and satisfaction across all segments of the market. Such information if properly used can result in higher sales volume.

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