08 May
Fizz is a refreshing and healthy soft drink which is made from carefully selected natural ingredients. The drink comes in three different variants namely strawberry, mixed (oranges and pineapples) and chocolate which is garnished or spiced with natural ginger and cinnamon.

Fizz soft drink is different from most others in the market. While others are mere flavours, fizz on the other hand is formulated with natural ingredients, therefore it has tremendous medicinal benefits to consumers. Fizz soft drink has been known to help in the management of diabetes, aids digestion, lowers cholesterol and assist in weight loss. It is also boost the immune system, reduced the risk of heart problem, prevent cancer and slows aging and fight anti oxidants.

Fizz is a nourishing drink for the family and everyone irrespective of gender, age and size as it has been formulated to enhance and promote healthy living. Fizz soft drink can be found in major supermarkets, shops and stores across Nigeria.

Recently, one of our reporters had a chat with the Managing Director/CEO of Healthy Child Nigeria Limited, Pharm. Benedict Ogbaegbe during which he spoke about his products and its prospects in the soft drink sector of the Nigerian market.

Sir, How Would You Describe Your Product?

I would say fizz is a refreshing and nourishing soft drink which is specifically formulated with carefully selected natural ingredients to enhance and promote healthy living.

It is completely different from other soft drinks in the market because while others are mere flavours, fizz on the other hand is made with top quality natural ingredients such as natural ginger and cinnamon.

Whereas natural ginger is known to balance the sugar content in the body system, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and enhances the functionality of the respiratory system, cinnamon on the other hand strengthens anti oxidant that is to say it mops up toxic in the body system, helps in blood circulation and equally contains anti aging capacities.

Sir, Who Is Your Product Meant For?

Fizz is meant for the entire family and everybody irrespective of gender and age. It is a nourishing and refreshing drink which was formulated to enhance and promote healthy living. It is tasty and also medicinal because of the natural ingredients with which it is made.

How Long Has Fizz Been In The Market?

Fizz has been around for just over three months and within this period there has been tremendous interest and curiosity in the product which explains why the product is everywhere. In fact at the rate we are going, we are like going to get to every nooks and crannies of Nigeria in just a year.

Sir, How Did You Come Up With This Product?

I’m a pharmacist and when i looked around the Nigerian market i discovered that there is no soft drink that is of any health benefits to Nigerian consumers, therefore i decided to come up with something to fill the gap.

Fizz is made with natural ingredients, it is prepared to enhance and promote healthy living. It is medicinal, nourishing and refreshing. In fact it is peerless because most of the others are mere flavours and sweeteners.

How Would You Market Fizz To Large Audience At A Conference Or Seminar?

Fizz is really easy to sell because of its uniqueness. I will tell them that for once there is a soft drink that can carter for their health needs not a mere combination of flavors and sweeteners.

It is prepared with top quality natural ingredients such as natural ginger and cinnamon which have been known and proven to fight diseases while promoting and enhancing health, well-being and happiness.

I will inform them that fizz is for everybody with no discrimination on the basis of gender or age. The product has been approved by NAFDAC having satisfied and met all their parameters.

What Is Your Vision For Fizz?

There is no doubt that fizz has a fantastic and bright future because as speak the product has no peers and competitors in terms of quality, medicinal capacities and several others.

Our job now is to make sure that it gradually becomes the first choice and number one soft drink for the entire family in Nigeria and elsewhere. We are very sure that we will get there before too long because the quality of fizz soft is enough to guarantee it a top spot on any menu list.

Sir, Which Other Product Do You Have In The Market?

We have several products and we intend to have more as time goes on because we are constantly interrogating ourselves on what we should be doing differently to enhance the health and living condition of our people.

For instance, we have Jamaican chocolate beverages which is the first beverages with Afro Asian benefits, Kongy Capsule, Everboom, Everborn. Each of these is doing well in the market.

About The CEO

Pharm. Benedict Ogbaegbe is a Nigerian businessman who is leveraging on his training as a pharmacist to improve the health and living condition of Nigerians . He is a native of IMO State in the Eastern Region of Nigeria. He loves reading, listening to music and social interaction amongst others.

Contact Information

 Office: Plot 426, 5th Avenue, Gowon Estate, Beside the Lord’s Chosen Egbeda, Lagos.
 Tel: 08187809366, 08079270346

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