Great Herbal Services Nigeria Limited
08 May
Great Herbal Services Nigeria Limited is one of the foremost researchers and manufacturers of high quality and potent herbal drugs for the treatment and cure of several health challenges and sicknesses in Nigeria.

The company has over the years researched and developed a lot of high quality herbal drugs for the treatment of ailments which result from bacterial or viral infection.

The company has over the years been able to develop effective treatment and cure for diseases such as hypertension, infertility, fibroid, sexuality transmitted diseases amongst others.

All its herbal drugs are made from carefully selected natural ingredients without any synthetic additives for potency or preservation. There has not been any reported cases of side effect from any of our herbal drugs due to the fact that our products are herbal based, well processed and do not have synthetic inputs.

All our products have been tested and approved for used by NAFDAC. Some of the company’s products include, Perfecin Capsule, Nomacin Plus, Saka flusher and M-Rock amongst others.

Recently, one of our reporters had a chat with the Managing Director/CEO, Mr Ayomide Olaoluwa and he said the following.

Sir, What Is Your Company Into?

We research and develop high quality herbal drugs for the treatment and cure of different types of ailments which result from bacterial or viral infections such as staphylococcus, syivilis, fibroid, stroke, diabetes, infertility amongst others.

Sir, do you have any herbal drug in the market as we speak?

Yes, we have some drugs in the market. We perfecin capsule which is specifically formulated for for the treatment and cure of all types of sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections.

It has also proven to be very useful in the treatment of blood in urine, pain during sex, worm like movement in the body and internal Heat. It reduced the risk of prostrate cancer and fibroid amongst others.

Saka Fisher is a leading herbal drug which formulated to speed up digestion, eases menstrual pains and reduces body weight. Saka Flusher eats up fat and cholesterol, flattens stomach and helps to flush hardened feces etc.

Nomacin Plus has over the years proven to be effective in fighting stubborn, tough and resistant infections such as syivilis, stis, stds, gonorrhea and numerous others.

M Rock plus is meant to fight weak erection, premature ejaculation, poor libido, lack of sexual urge, watery Siemens, weaknesses during sex, stress and fatigue etc.

Sir, Are Your Products Completely Herb Based and How About Side Effects?

Yes, our drugs are formulated and made with pure herbs and other natural ingredients which we get from Nigeria and abroad. There is no synthetic preservatives because we use herbs to preserve our drugs.

There has been no reported case of any side effects from our drugs. Therefore are drugs are safe, potent and effective and this has been attested to by users.

We organize seminars to sensitise the public against over use of drugs and over dosed because those are amongst the reasons for side effects.

Sir, What Feed Back Do You Get From Users Of Your Drugs?

We get good feed back from our patients and other users of our drugs. Quite a lot of them speak well and attest to the effectiveness and potency of our drugs.

Sir, What Is Your Relationship With NAFDAC?

We are working hand in hand with NAFDAC. All the drugs that we have in the market have been approved by them while others ones are awaiting their approval and whenever they give us the green light those ones will hit the market too.

How Do You Come Up With Drugs?

Most of our drugs are based on thorough research. We research, develop, expose it to test or trial afterwards we launch it into the market.

We also rely on the experience and knowledge which we have acquired while we were growing up with our parents who used some of these herbs and leaves to treat and cure.

How Did You Get Involved Or Become A Traditional Medical Practitioner?

Well i grew up with my parent back in the days and i saw how and what my parents administered to those who had some health challenges. Therefore what I’m doing is just to add or further what they did.

Again is passion. I’m really passionate about the health of my fellow persons because it is my believe that when the people are healthy, the country is healthy too.

What Future Do You Envisaged For Herbal Medicine In Nigeria?

I think the future looks bright and interesting. What we are doing now is to create a template for the next generation to hold on to or improve upon. We are pushing and there is hope that we can achieve that.

What Are You Doing To Correct The Misconception That Some People Have About Herbal Drugs?

Misconceptions are there and we are fully aware. I think the best way to handle it is for those in the inidustry to forge ahead with courage and boldness and to continue to create awareness about herbal drugs. We have to make our people to understand that herbal drugs have been and will continue to be with us.

About The CEO

Mr Ayomide Olaoluwa is a native of Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State in South Western part of Nigeria. He had his education in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana where he studied at End point Herbal School in Accra. Mr Olaoluwa has been involved in research and development of herbal drugs for well over two decades. He loves reading and action packed movies.

Contact Information

 Lagos Office: Crosway Plaza, 3/5 Charity Street, Beside UBA, One Oba, Abule Egba, Lagos

 Abuja Office: Opposite Sharia Office, Off University Teaching Hospital Road, Gwagwalada, FCT, Abuja

 Tel: 07039144491, 08050334400

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