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22 May

This is certainly not the best time for human resources managers.
Worst still is the plethora of inconsistent, contradictory and sometimes evolving information which they are exposed to day in day about Coronavirus. Nonetheless, you can still be in control if you take these simple steps.

1. Stay Informed.

This is very crucial at this time, even though the influx of information is at alarming rate. You have to be abreast of the the latest information especially from very trusted and dependable sources in order to take the right decision and guide your staff accordingly. Here sources like World Health Organization and Nigeria Center For Disease Control are very important.

2. Have The Capacity To Sift Your Information.

This is very crucial at this time due to the quantity of information that comes your way and the fact that all around you fake information abound too . Ability to discard that which is fake enables you to take the right decision.

Follow Basic Precautions.

At this time it is of utmost necessity to impress upon your staff members to follow and adopt precautionary ideas and advice as handed down by experts.

For instance every one has been advised to use face mask,wash hands regularly,, avoid touching ones face, use hand sanitizers regularly and practice social distancing. It is the responsibility of the Human resources manager to ensure that even the most recalcitrant staff member keys into this.

Encourage Or Plan For Some Staff To Work At Home.

This system is gradually gaining currency and may not go with the pandemic therefore it is good to develop a long term plan for it and make it part of the policy of your organization going forward.
We have been told that the last global pandemic to place a hundred years and who knows if the next will wait for another hundred years.

Plan For Your Staff Who Venture Outside.

There are certain services which may require your staff members to venture outside, in such situations safety gadgets must be made available to them.

Moreso,, they must be made to follow safety guidelines as handed down by experts.

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